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quote The dedication and enthusiasm from all of the staff was very much appreciated.  The variety of activities kept my children busy and entertained.  They had a lot of fun at French camp and even managed to make new friends in only one week. Thank you for giving the children such a fun and memorable experience.  My compliments for running such a fine program.  Thank you, from Jonathan, Sarah and their mom, Ruth

Jonathan & Sarah's Mom

quote My daughter Michelle, walked into the March camp without any basic knowledge of French. With effective teaching blending with fun projects, she walked out 5 days later talking amazing french for a beginner. Merci Alliance Francaise.

Michelle M.'s father
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Level B2

This course is reserved for children and teenagers aged 10 and up.

At the end of this cycle, composed of five 30 to 36-hour sessions, your child will be able to:

  • Talk about travelling
  • Solve a problem over the phone
  • Make recommendations
  • Describe an event in the past
  • Write a cover letter
  • Prepare for a job interview
  • Refer to the past
  • Express temporal relationships between events
  • Recount the course of his/her life
  • Express feelings
  • Describe a living space and the objects in it
  • Express his/her interest in something
  • Express his/her wishes, goals and intentions
  • Relate what someone said
  • Identify different tastes and flavours
  • Assess the quality of a product
  • Formulate hypotheses
  • Analyze the aesthetic qualities of an object
  • Persuade someone to support a social issue
  • Articulate subtle opinions
  • Present and defend personal values
  • Demand his/her rights
  • Express disagreement and hostility
  • Express his/her objection to a decision
  • Discuss and debate the language choices in a multilingual state
  • Express an opinion on current social issues
  • Compose an opinion article or a “letter to the editor”
  • Express various degrees of appreciation and judgement
  • Compare facts and figures


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