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Young Audience

03-04-2023 2:00 pm
Spadina Theatre $CA18.00

Event Description

Pomelo by Company Ombres Folles

Based on Pomelo est amoureux by Ramona Badescu and Benjamin Chaud, Albin Michel Jeunesse Editions 

Audience: 3 years old and up


Pomelo is a tiny pink elephant, born under a dandelion in a garden. With humor and sensitivity, Pomelo discovers the world around him, before experiencing a shock: the arrival of autumn, then winter! In love with his garden, sad at the sight of strawberry plants that are collapsing, amazed by a snowflake, Pomelo is the very incarnation of childhood. This show by Ombres Folles develops to the rhythm of the cycle of the seasons, which allows us to see things die and then be reborn, and which turns us upside down from one extreme to the other. Thanks to shadows, live music and the diffusion of scents, Pomelo is a spellbinding and enveloping experience!



  • Buy/Book your tickets/RSVP online. No box office on-site!
  • Doors will open only 20 minutes before the event.
  • Doors will be closed 10 minutes after the beginning of the event.
  • Don't bring food and beverages.
  • Enjoy the event!
  • Take the exit on Lowther Avenue (theatre door).

Merci and see you soon! 





  • Pedagogical resources and activities are available for field trips.

Event Information

Event Date 03-04-2023 2:00 pm
Individual Price General Admission : 18$
Location Spadina Theatre
Categories Young Audience

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