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The Night of Ideas

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The Night of Ideas
01-31-2023 6:30 pm
Spadina Theatre Free

Event Description

Each year, the Night of Ideas is an invitation to celebrate the sharing of knowledge and ideas between countries and cultures around the world, embracing all disciplines, in the arts as well as in the sciences. It is an opportunity to reflect on the major issues of our time. The 2023 edition of the Night of Ideas will be held on February 1 on the theme "More ?" in partnership between the French General Consulate of Toronto, OCAD-U, and the Alliance Française.


31st of January Program:


- screening of 9 short animations by OCAD U animators at 6:30PM at Alliance Française Toronto


This program of short animations by OCAD U animators (current students and alumni) tackles the theme of "More with Less" from diverse artistic perspectives. From abstraction to documentary animation, with materiality, formal playfulness, and sustainability as common threads, these works propose a reflection on the excesses of the contemporary world and propose a slower, more grounded, and embodied human experience.

Eli Schwanz's minimal animation plays with video's basic components and the visual representation of water as a basic component of life. Derya Ozparlak, Charlotte Rose and Olivia Wilyman explore spiritual connections with natural materials, identity and land in their stop-motion animations. Joan Nuguid reimagines the relationship between humans and animals through the story of a friendship between a young girl and a bear. bekky O'Neil documents her life experiences of the land, growing up and now as an organic farmer, in two autobiographical animated documentaries produced with sustainable inks made from materials harvested on her farm. Isaac King's rhythmic and playful mixed-media narrative animations critique the contemporary culture of overconsumption and excess and propose a slower approach to the world, where one can live more with less.


  • Eli Schwanz "Flash Splash"
  • Derya Ozparlak "Healing Rituals"
  • Charlotte Rose "Nest"
  • Olivia Wilyman "Solace"
  • Joan Nuguid "Sleepy Sally"
  • bekky O'Neil "Lessons"
  • bekky O'Neil "What Does A Garden Know"
  • Isaac King "Puffing Away"
  • Isaac King "Second Hand"


- Conversation with the animators


1st of February Program:


Night of Ideas in Toronto:


The second part of the Night of Ideas will take place at El Mocambo, 464 Spadina Ave. Toronto, from 8p.m to 12 a.m. ( "More?" : at a time of global warming, the theme allows us to explore the question of the place taken by the dynamics of accumulation in our modernity and consumer society, considered as much from the ecological point of view as from the social, psychological or ethical. It is therefore "the more through the less" that we would like to explore during this Night of Ideas, by inviting artists, philosophers, researchers, creators or companies to reflect together on ways of doing things that privilege the diverse, the humble, the human and the earth.


- Carolina Reis' intervention at El Mocambo 


RSVP link for the 1st of February here


Night of Ideas with the Alliance Françaises of Canada network


- Carolina Reis' interview for the Night of Ideas available online



  • Don't bring food and beverages.
  • Enjoy the event!

Merci and see you soon! 




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Event Information

Event Date 01-31-2023 6:30 pm
Individual Price Free
Location Spadina Theatre
Categories Special Events, Cinema

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