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Jayson Edward Carter


Jayson Edward Carter
06-03-2023 6:30 pm - 06-24-2023 3:00 pm
Pierre Léon Gallery Free

Event Description

Jayson Edward Carter is an artist based in New York City. Working primarily with digital photography, he seeks to create subversive portraits that focus on the distortion of the human form. His portraits are typically the product of a multi-step creative process that gradually transforms the image by exploiting the digital artifacts left by computer peripherals such as projectors, printers, and flatbed scanners. This digital manipulation manifests in the fantastic curves, shapes, and colors that adorn the contorted humanoid bodies.

Jayson believes many of these images allude to the potential for modern technology to distort, augment, and obfuscate the human experience. While they reference a physical image, their overt manipulation is a metaphor for the fallibility of the digital image. They are digital counterparts of a physical image, much like the carefully crafted online personas that litter the social media-sphere. As the figures dance and pose expressively, it is unclear if they are rapt in transformation or being destroyed beautifully.

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Event Date 06-03-2023 6:30 pm
Individual Price Free
Location Pierre Léon Gallery
Categories Exhibitions

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