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Réjeanne Lizotte: Jazz around the world


Réjeanne Lizotte: Jazz around the world
06-04-2022 10:00 am - 07-01-2022 8:00 pm
Pierre Léon Gallery Free

Event Description

Exhibition of paintings by Réjeanne Lizotte  

Curator: Richard Foisy

On view from June 4

With works on canvas, wood panel and paper, along with a number of artist’s sketchbooks, the exhibition traces the evolution of jazz in Réjeanne Lizotte’s work. It does so by dividing the four major periods in her output by city: Quebec City, Toronto, Paris and New York from 1988 to 1997. The artist begins with “the rebirth of gesture” in Quebec City, before “soaking up jazz” in Toronto. Then she experiments with “l’effrascon” of electronic music in Paris, finally ending up in the ultimate trance state that is New York, known as “the syncopated city.” For Réjeanne Lizotte, the surface on which she painted is meaningful, because she worked simultaneously on the background, the shape and the format.  

The exhibition Réjeanne Lizotte: jazz around the world traces the painting-music period of the Quebecois artist in the city of Toronto in 1990-1991, a year which will define the rest of her carrier. By placing the first roots of her inspiration in Québec-city with an inaugural artwork dating from 1986-1990, the exhibition deploys with about 50 artworks on canvas or on paper a production characterized by the dynamic and the profusion of forms and colours created by jazz music as heard in the Ville-Reine clubs or born from public performances. The exhibition is organized according to the musical groups, places and live performances which inspired each artwork. It concludes with a few artworks chosen amongst the Parisian and New-Yorker periods, ending in 2001.



Réjeanne Lizotte is born in Roberval (Lac-Saint-Jean) on the 12 May 1947 and died on the 14 December 2014 in Québec. Graduated from the Fine Arts of the Laval University (1981) where she completed her training by studying stain-glass and Japanese calligrapĥy. Réjeanne Lizotte moved from Québec to to Toronto, from Paris to New York, from Peru to Japan. In all these cities she lived and exhibited. Rythm, either musical or visual, was the central thread of her work, mostly jazz music on which she would paint directly in night clubs or during public performances under the title Echoes of jazz. After September 11, the visual rythm became more and more central as she would represent the human being in the urban structures, animated or oppressed by them, under the title Urbanities. She finished with Crossroads, exploring theses places where you meet, sometimes get emprisonned, or where you escape, where the cars carry emotions and thoughts she transposed into inner landscapes

In 2017 was published Réjeanne Lizotte: innner space, signed by Richard Foisy, tracing the life and work of the painter. 


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Event Date 06-04-2022 10:00 am
Individual Price Free
Location Pierre Léon Gallery
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