Brain Booster Game Day Camp

After mornings dedicated to French-language learning, campers will be discovering original and meaningful blends of brain teasers and games. Most of activities will take place outside (Christie Park) when weather permits it.

Snakes & Lattes is proud to offer a unique learning experience - discover the exciting world of board games in an immersive French program!

Our Game Gurus have carefully selected games from a collection of over 2,000 unique titles, choosing games that work for children of many different age groups.

After a morning of immersive French language lessons, our French fluent counselors will help your child solidify their newly learned vocabulary through gaming - through the use of French scorecards and rules, your child will engage with the French language in a natural manner, while having fun doing it.

Weather permitting, many of the activities will take place outside, in parks (Christie Pits or Albert Standing Parkette).
Snakes & Lattes will provide games, refreshments and a healthy snack to fuel campers hungry minds!

Our program is specifically designed to help your child develop specific life skills such as confidence, concentration, creativity and teamwork all while practicing their French.

At the end of the program, your child will not only be able to describe, in French, his or her most enjoyable gaming experience, but will also be able to recommend games, explain rules, and foster cooperation.

All of the campers will work together on a culminating project to create a game. Further, at the end of the program your child will bring home a game donated by Snakes & Lattes.

Daily activities

  • Orientation: Active Listening and Critical Observation (dexterity and observation games)
  • Engaging in Collaborative Play (cooperative, communication, and dexterity games)
  • Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition (Understanding rules, memory and focus based games)
  • Collaborative Game Development (creativity, interactivity, deduction games)
  • Strategic Development and Comparative Observation


Age: 5 to 14 years old

French Level: beginner or intermediate


Pierre Mauger

A former IT manager and father of two, Pierre is a Frenchman with years of experience when it comes to gaming in general and board game in particular.

After earning a diploma at University of Cholet in childhood education with a specialization in youth educational engagement through play, Pierre worked extensively with young children and disabled adults throughout France at special Toy Lending Libraries.

Helping to spread gaming culture for every age and any level, Pierre is at the centre of the intergenerational link. As Pierre puts it, "with games, we can encourage individuals to develop positive and helpful life skills, such as respect, tolerance, and focus".


DatesCamp locationPrice 
Mar. 13 to Mar .17 AFT Spadina Campus $360 Register
AFT North York Campus $360 Register
AFT Mississauga Campus $360 Register
Jul. 4 to Jul. 14 AFT Spadina Campus $650 Register
AFT Mississauga Campus $650 Register
Jul. 17 to Jul. 28 AFT Spadina Campus $720 Register
AFT Mississauga Campus $720 Register
Jul. 31 to Aug. 11 AFT Spadina Campus $650 Register
AFT Mississauga Campus $650 Register
Aug. 14 to Aug. 25 AFT Spadina Campus $720 Register
AFT Mississauga Campus $720 Register
AFT North York Campus $720 Register
Aug. 28 to Sep. 1 AFT Spadina Campus $360 Sold out
AFT Mississauga Campus $360 Register
AFT North York Campus $360 Register

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