Creative arts Day Camp

After mornings dedicated to French-language learning, the participants will discover francophone artists from around the world. Their culture, their inspiration and the techniques they have used to express themselves.

Daily Activities

Through Acrylic painting on canvas, printmaking, drawing, collage etc... the campers will be encouraged to express their very own personal and cultural identity and reality.

We believe in using only very good quality supplies and visuals for the kids to optimize their knowledge of availability and therefore assuring amazing results. All materials have been selected for that purpose.

An exhibit will be presented at the end of the session.


Age: 7 to 9 years old

French Level: beginner or intermediate

Skills developed

The participants will increase their knowledge of the french language and world wide francophone culture, have fun and make their own chefs d'oeuvre.

Learning a language IS living a culture!

Animator's profiles

La Muse art studio is always proud to state that the artists working with your kids are graduated from an art institution, professional artists themselves and have acquired a maturity that will benefit your child in every way.

Shirin Divanbeigi

Shirin Divanbeigi

Shirin Divanbeigi professional artist and certified teacher with Montesori, has been with La Muse for 4 years.

Michel Bouchard

Michel Bouchard

Michel Bouchard has been with La Muse for 6 years now. He is specialised in art history and an artist himself.

Chantal Leblanc

Chantal Leblanc

Chantal Leblanc, professionnel multidisciplinary artiste, owner of La Muse Art Studio.


DatesCamp locationPrice 
Mar. 13 - Mar. 17 AFT Spadina Campus $380 Register
AFT North York Campus $380 Register
Jul. 4 - Jul. 14 AFT Spadina Campus $685 Register
Jul. 17 - Jul. 28 AFT Spadina Campus $760 Register
Aug 28 - Sep 1 AFT Spadina Campus $380 Sold out