Music Day Camp

After mornings dedicated to French-language learning, campers will join the Royal Conservatory School for this engaging 1/2 day camp full of singing, movement activities, and musical exploration.

Students will sing, play in an ensemble with xylophones and drums, and explore movement activities to music…all in French!

Daily Activities

Chorus - In this active, one-hour session, students will learn fun techniques to expand the range and quality of their singing voices. They will be introduced to traditional folk songs and contemporary repertoire from traditions throughout la Francophonie. Together, we will sing, move and have fun--en français!

Orff Ensemble - Explore percussion instruments through melody and harmony.

Move to the Music – Move to the rhythm with exploratory movement and dance to music from around the world..


Age: 5 to 8 years old

French Level: beginner or intermediate

Skills developed

Neuroscientists have demonstrated that learning to play an instrument, or to sing, leads to changes in young people’s brains that make it more likely that they will reach their full cognitive and academic potential. So, don’t delay! Come stimulate your brain while having a ton of fun at one of the largest and most respected music schools in North America, where we believe that the finest instrument is the mind.

Animator's profiles

meghan hulsman

Meghan Hulsman

Naturally dramatic, at times energetic and graceful, Meghan is fortunate to have taught children for the past 15 years. With a focus on Dance, French, Art and Music, Meghan has been able to be creative and to foster creativity in others every day. What better way to spend your life?

Meghan moved to Toronto to join a dance company in 1997. After caring for children in France in 2000, Meghan has continued to teach children in French.

Meghan has studied many types of dance in Paris, New York and Toronto. She belonged to several dance collectives in Toronto. After volunteering as a Music teacher for a U of T children's charity, and studying cognitive benefits of early music education at The Royal Conservatory, Meghan is happy to add the Alliance Francaise camp to her exciting summer teaching experiences.

Meghan is an Ontario Certified Teacher with experience in French Immersion. She currently teaches in the Toronto District School Board and at The Royal Conservatory.

Mitch Bondy

Michel Bondy

Michel Bondy is a Franco-Ontarian with more than 30 years of experience as a children's choral musician. His choirs have won provincial and national awards. Michel has worked in many music camps and festivals throughout Ontario and the Maritimes.


DatesCamp locationPrice 
Mar. 13 to Mar .17 AFT Spadina Campus $380 Register
AFT Mississauga Campus $360 Register
Jul. 4 to Jul. 14 AFT Spadina Campus $685 Register
Jul. 17 to Jul. 28 AFT Spadina Campus $760 Register
Jul. 31 to Aug. 11 AFT Spadina Campus $685 Register
Aug. 14 to Aug. 25 AFT Spadina Campus $760 Register

Important information

  • Every day parents drop off campers at the Alliance Francaise Campus and pick them up at the Royal Conservatory School at 4:00pm. (273 Bloor St West) - Extended care service open until 6:00 (in option)
  • Children walk to the Conservatory, 273 Bloor St W, from the Alliance Francaise Campus with their counselors.

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