Musical Day Camp

After mornings dedicated to French-language learning, campers will join their studio or their outdoors space when weather permits it. Participants will learn different dances and songs in order to ultimately make a musical that tells a story. Sport attire is requested for this workshop.

Daily Activities

Story writing.

Dance practice: Hip-hop, African dances, Jazz, Contemporary dance, Samba, Capoeira.

At the end of the session, a musical performance will be presented.


Age: 5 to 10 years old

French Level: intermediate

Skills developed

Participants will learn to express themselves with ease in French, they will develop their leadership skills, learn how to work in a group setting, follow and give instructions as well as learn how to do presentations before the public.


seny k

Seny K.

Seny. K, dancer and dance instructor underwent a 4 year training and apprenticeship at the ADDYDANSE company. He developed theatrical skills as well as dance. This apprenticeship was completed by training in France at the Studio Harmonic, Broadways Dance Center in New York and Nyatanyata in Montreal. He has also participated in many projects with ADDYDANSE at the GESU Theater (Montreal, CA /Chicoutimi, Ca)

For over 3 years now he has been teaching Hip-Hop, Dance hall and African dances with the ADDYDANSE team which is collective of international dancers sharing the common goal teaching culture via dance. His own mission as an instructor is to develop the concept of sharing, leadership and passion that remains dormant inside every child. That same energy, once unlocked, would reveal the child's true potential.


DatesCamp locationPrice 
Mar. 13 to Mar .17 AFT Mississauga Campus $350

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