Slam and Hip Hop Day Camp

After mornings dedicated to French-language learning, campers will join their studio. Throughout interpretation, creation and performance, participants will be immerged in the world of Slam and Hip hop: their music, rhythm, body language and poetry … all in French!

Daily Activities

The participants will be engaged in text analysis and comprehension, writing as well as speech and vocal exercises.

At the end of the session they will be invited to take part to a live performance, record a demo.

Their work will be broadcast at Choq FM radio


Age: 10 to 15 years old

French Level: intermediate

Skills developed

With the help of live arts, children will learn to express themselves with ease in French, they will develop their leadership skills, learn how to work in a group setting, follow and give instructions as well as learn how to do presentations before the public.

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terry ngla

Terry Ngala

Terry Ngala is a performer and songwriter and has been for over 10 years.

He began self-teaching how to write songs and poetry and developed this skill as he continued and graduated in Music at Mcgill University.

Since 2010, he has had numerous performances in the Hip-Hop and Jazz scene in Canada, United States, and France. He has used his writing experience in workshops with children to help them gain confidence and pursue their passions while expressing their voice by holding a microphone.


Dates Camp location Price  
Mar. 13 to Mar .17 AFT Spadina Campus $340  
AFT Mississauga Campus $340  
AFT North York Campus $340  
Jul. 4 to Jul. 14 AFT Spadina Campus $615 Register
Jul. 17 to Jul. 28 AFT Spadina Campus $680 Register
Jul. 31 to Aug. 11 AFT Spadina Campus $615 Register
Aug. 14 to Aug. 25 AFT Spadina Campus $680 Register
AFT North York Campus $680 Register
Aug. 28 to Sep. 1 AFT Spadina Campus $340 Register

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