Theatre Day Camp

After mornings dedicated to French-language learning, kids will enjoy a blend of activities related the world of theatre.

Daily Activities

Theatre - Open spaces, body language, voice, improvisation, role-playing games, representation


Age: 5 to 8 years old

French Level: beginner or intermediate

Final production

Our team wants to make art accessible to all, to allow each child to awaken the artist and the leader who sleep in him. Representation is our way to give them the floor.

Skills developed

Arts shows are a way to learn to be and others, but also a way to be expressed to an audience and speak. Our leaders are speaking in French to children to remove their fear of approaching a language that they do not control, children inspire them to be expressed by it unashamedly.


Animator's Profile

Adrienne Medjo

Adrienne Medjo

Adrienne Medjo, Specialist in African Literature, she graduated with a diploma in Ritual Theatre at “l'Université Paris Ouest” with acquired techniques from “Were Were Liking” and “Manu Na Njock” (therapeutic theatre). She has been a theatre instructor for almost 10 years with experience in France and Canada.

Some of her experience as a stage director comes from writing and directing « Palabre de femmes » and presenting it in France and Canada long with the help of the Ethny group.

In addition, she also is a skilled story-teller. She has written and acted in short stories for children and adults based on historical events to educate her audience on Africa, Canadian, Asian, European and Latin American cultures. Since 2010, she has been a part of the “Festival International de Littérature de Montreal Métropolis Bleu” in which she was presented as author and story-teller who wrote and presented works such as Izerka la reine Kemet (co-written by Carolina Cortes), Kamba la petite fille du Kasaï, Tchanda le guerrier bantou, Asaia: l’esprit Masai, Kongolo et les valeurs perdues.


DatesCamp locationPrice 
Mar. 13 to Mar .17 AFT Spadina Campus $330  Full
Jul. 4 to Jul. 14 AFT Spadina Campus $595  
Jul. 17 to Jul. 28 AFT Spadina Campus $660  
Jul. 31 to Aug. 11 AFT Spadina Campus $595  
Aug. 14 to Aug. 25 AFT Spadina Campus $660  
Aug. 28 to Sep. 1 AFT Spadina Campus $330  

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