• March 24 at 7:30 pm
Movie Thursdays - Sofa-Thursday


Our Sofa-Thursdays are back!

This movie is presented in partnership with Radio Canada Ontario. 

Enjoy the movie without leaving your sofa...

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Why did we choose this film?

It is a film about the passage of time, and also a film about art. Lots of art. In this story, painting comes into communion with the reality of nature, particularly the dramas that can occur there. One of the most beautiful aspects of this work is precisely to echo the purity of the artistic gesture.


Three old hermits live in seclusion in the woods. As forest fires threaten the region, their daily lives will be shaken by the death of their senior, Boychuck, and the arrival of an 80-year-old who has been unjustly interned her entire life. A photographer commissioned to interview witnesses to the deadliest fires of the time finds their mark. The two women will make an astonishing discovery of hundreds of paintings by Boychuck, which tell of his tragic past during the fires. It was raining birds is a story of crossed destinies where love has no age, where life takes root in unexpected turns.


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