• February 10 at 7:30 pm
Movie Thursdays - Jeudi-Sofa

Our Movie Thursdays are back online with the Sofa-Thursdays! 

This movie is presented in partnership with Radio-Canada Ontario. 


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Why did we chose this film? 

By adding memorable humour and verbal jousting to his film, Rémi Bezançon makes the Henri Pick mystery a truly successful transposition of the eponymous novel by D. Foenkinos. Perfect in this role, Fabrice Luchini brings his usual humour and talent to the film!


Our favorite quote?

"J'ai besoin de vous pour aller au bout de mon enquête, vous êtes un peu mon Docteur Watson."

"I need you to get to the end of my investigation, you're kind of my Doctor Watson."



An editor discovers a novel that she considers to be a masterpiece, in a library whose particularity is to collect the manuscripts refused by the publishers. The text is signed Henri Pick, a Breton pizza maker who died two years earlier.



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