• April 23 at 2:00 pm
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This guided tour will be in French.


You are invited to an online talk about Vassily Kandinsky. 

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3/ The visit lasts 1 hour and will of course be interactive. All your questions are welcome!


Did he paint the very first abstract painting in history, or not? There is still a fierce debate going on about that question. What is sure though is that Vassily Kandinsky is a leading figure in art and that he was an incredible pioneer for abstraction. His most famous paintings seem like a joyful mix of colors and shapes. In Kandinsky's mind however these compositions follow a strict internal logic involving art and music...   

Kandinsky's art evolved in a fascinating manner, innovating more and more until finally becoming pure abstraction. Born in Russia, naturalized German then French, he remained throughout his whole life aware of the art experiments of the modern artists. It is precisely modernity that he tried to embody as a painter but also as an art theorist in der Blaue Reiter (The blue Rider) and as a teacher at Bauhaus and in Russia. His will to shape the next generations brings to us a great understanding of his work and his time, when art was taking the radical turn of the XXth century, when the First World War was bursting and the Soviet revolution of October 1917 was changing the political game in Russia. 

Through a selection of artworks, let's dive with Ophélie Delacour into the artist's life and what he brought to the history of Art. By binding together his personal life, the historical context and his work, this online guided tour is suited for any knowledge level, from curious people to amateurs and professionals. 




This talk is part of a cycle of 3 online talks:  


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Passionate about art and culture, Ophélie Delacour graduated in cultural mediation from Ecole du Louvre, in Paris. For a couple of years, she worked as a tour guide in Paris (Eiffel Tour, Latin District, Montmartre). In 2019, she came to Toronto to work for one year at Alliance Française Toronto and offered the first online guided tours during Covid-19. She is now back in France, working at the Hôtel Départemental des Expositions du Var, a museum in the South of France. That's from this beautiful area, which inspired so many artists, that she keeps on giving online tours in Toronto.

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