• November 13 at 2:00 pm
  • Spadina Theatre
Young Audience -

Meeting with the multifaceted Quebecois author who will delight your children and stimulate their desire to read and discover exciting new horizons. The storytelling activity will be followed by a recital of children's songs, with singing and guitar-playing by artist Philippe Flahaut.

For children aged 3 to 10.

Jennifer Couëlle : Born in Italy of a French father and an American mother, Jennifer grew up in Canada where she spent her nights reading in bed, and writing stories and comic books that never ended. She grew up and studied art history, and discovered she could find endings for her stories. Her first children’s books were published in France in 2005, and she has since published over twenty works for children, including albums, poetry collections and a short story, in Québec, Ontario and France. Jennifer’s words explore the grandeur of the everyday and celebrate difference from an intimate perspective. 

Philippe Flahaut : 10+ Years of experience in musical education for young children in French and immersion classes.  Philippe takes the children on a voyage with the music as he blends stories (A promenade in the forest) to traditional songs from: France, Québec and Louisiana, along with some of his own compositions. The sixty minute event includes:  call and response songs, the use of percussion instruments, and songs with movements. This interactive event is well adapted for French immersion children. Being bilingual with French as his first language, Philippe is easily able to play with any audience; the general public or those with more advanced French. The show can be well adapted and modified to accommodate teachers with particular requests or interest.   

*Event in french

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Free admission