• October 20 at 4:00 pm
  • Alliance française Toronto - Campus de Mississauga
Mississauga Movie Club - cinéma

Director : Iouri Tcherenkov

Time : 26 min

Date : 2012

Type : Animation

Synopsys : On the Alps lives Father Frimas who has enchanting powers. Each winter, he makes sure that the snow covers the whole forest. But this year, nothing goes on as predicted. Sylvain, the spirit of the forest, stops his hibernation starving and grumpy….

pere frimas

Director : Hoel Caouissin & Philippe Julien

Date : 1998

Time : 26 min

Type : animation

Synopsys : A one eyed wolf goes round in circles in his cage in a zoo in winter. A young boy, intrigued, comes every day to watch him in silence. The wolf answers at last to that look and a mute dialogue creates itself between the two characters.



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