• April 22 at 9:00 pm
  • Spadina Theatre
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An outstanding group of musicians, Nhapitapi specializes in the mbira (thumb piano), a traditional instrument of Zimbabwe. They’ll introduce you to the traditional South African music typical of their country. Co-presented with the Batuki Music Society.

Nhapitapi -- a Shona word meaning sweet sounds -- is a dynamic, six-piece ensemble of Zimbabwe musicians, singers and dancers, who expertly weave ancestral rhythms and melodies with contemporary African flavours, conjuring musical magic in their midst. 

Nhapitapi's music is a kaleidoscopic journey through space and time. Their sound takes root in the old voices of the Africancontinent, and travels seamlessly towards its modern progeny of Afro-jazz, funk, rock, reggae and ska, all the while holding fast to the sacred spirit of ceremony. To those who know it well and those newly acquainted alike, many have found in this creation the quality of universal appeal.

Nhapitapi's performances open with the healing serenity of mbira and marimba, both grounding and energizing. Vocals, shakers, guitar, bass and drum are then introduced, producing complex layers of auditory enchantment. Once audiences have fully surrendered to this soaring soundscape, a deft duo of dancers hits the floor with unparalleled vigor and bold flirtation, drawing onlookers in to join the outburst of cathartic joy. 

And so, we invite you with open hearts and arms to join us in song and dance, and you too will feel the breath of the lion on your neck.

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Spadina Theatre
24 spadina road
M5R 2S7 Toronto, ON




Member/Senior/Student CA$10.00
General Admission CA$15.00

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