• November 18 at 9:00 pm
  • Spadina Theatre
Concert - Concert : World Music

Congolese group Cour des Grands will present a sample of the works of Tabu Ley and Papa Wemba to honour these giants of African music.

Cour des Grands is a veteran group of Congolese musicians who re-grouped in Canada in 2012 to revive the art of Congolese rumba. The members hail from famous groups such as Tabu Ley’s Orchestre Afrisa International, Orchestre Bella Bella, Franco Luambo Makiadi’s Tout-Puissant OK Jazz, The Best, Zaiko Langa Langa, Minzoto Sangela, etc. They are recreating the beautiful music that defined Congolese contemporary and modern music that reached its heyday in the 80’s. Cour des Grands is comprised of Congolese musicians; drummer Getry Mavambu, singer Pacha Makuta Langi, guitarist Doris Alex Zena, bassist DeJanot Masseko, singer Zams Zambongo, singer Jeremie Langi and guitarist Jackson Ayele.  

Blandine Mbiya is a young Congolese singer, songwriter and dancer that has immersed herself in rumba, and she was largely influenced by the voice and music of one of Congo’s most popular singers, Mbilia Bel, a one-time member of Orchestre Afrisa International led by Tabu Ley Rochereau.


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Spadina Theatre
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General Admission $15
AFT members, students, seniors and teachers $10
- 18 years old Free

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