• February 1 at 6:30 pm
  • Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
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Exhibition of photographs presented by Nadine McNulty


On view from February 1 to 28


“Having travelled over the past twenty years through regions in Africa, and photographed various families in different environments, I have been increasingly interested in the lives of rural families. It was there that I could most clearly see the transitional process of families through their constant struggles to survive, gradually having to relinquish many of their traditions and unique ways of life in order to adjust to the demands of an encroaching society. I have seen, within a few years, changes taking place and have come to appreciate the rapidity with which this process is occurring. These traditional ways of life are quickly disappearing, soon to be lost forever.”

Nadine McNulty, curator


The exhibition is an invitation to travel in Africa. It is also and foremost a tribute to places and ancestral practices as much as a warning message against the disappearance of these traditions. Through photography, Nadine McNullty tries to capture the beauty and intensity of secular traditions, moments of life. She shares them with us by transmitting through photos a part of that heritage, fixing on the pellicule traditionnal gestures threatened to disappear in their original space.


Njacko Backo is a percussionist, singer, storyteller, choreographer, songwriter/composer who has been performing for children and adults since his childhood in Cameroon. He has a lifetime
of practice in capturing the subtlety of dance and storytelling with his music – an essential part of the African performing arts. His programs for children and youth draw on parallels and
differences between Canadian and African family life.

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