• January 24 at 6:00 pm
  • Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
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Exhibition of paintings by Laurianne Simon


On view from January 6 to 30

“I like to imagine my parrots endlessly repeating: But what the hell am I doing here? What the hell am I doing here? Isn’t that something we’ve all asked ourselves at some point?”


Laurianne Simon’s painting, which is influenced by Eugène Leroy and Helen Frankenthaler, is quietly energized by the expressiveness of the brush strokes and the emotional experience of the colour. “I have been painting birds regularly since 2012. For a long time now my paintings of birds, more specifically, of fighting cocks and parrots, have been for me a metaphor for the artist.  More recently, I have come to realize that they are perhaps more of a metaphor for human beings.”                                      

The Parrot’s Intrigue is an exhibition whose title is a reference to one of the artist’s favourite paintings, James Ensor’s Die Intrige. In this exhibition, we will see Laurianne Simon’s most recent paintings of parrots. By seeking restraint in the repetition of her subjects, Laurianne casts an amused eye on her own practice and on the existential questions raised by her work.


Opening of the exhibition on January 24.

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Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
24 Spadina road
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