• June 3 at 7:00 pm
  • Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
Lecture - Talk


By Maxime Rovere

Let’s do some seriously philosophical thinking about the conflicts of everyday life. In the wake of his book Que faire des cons? (what to do with fools?), Maxime Rovere demonstrates that our derogatory judgments about others reveal our selves. By studying how our emotions have become highly individualistic, he encourages us to overcome our irascible withdrawals, while at the same time giving up control – without giving up on the idea that we can improve!

Rovere, a philosopher who specializes in ethics and the thinking of Spinoza, has taught at l’École Normale Supérieure (ENS) in France, and at the PUC University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. His work is about the interconnections between philosophical and ethical issues. He is the author of a book published by Flammarion, a biographical and philosophical story called Le Clan Spinoza, as well as Que faire des cons ? pour ne pas en rester un soi-même. He has also published Spinoza. Méthodes pour exister (CNRS Editions).

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