• April 1 at 7:00 pm
  • Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
Lecture - Talk


By Richard Foisy, curator of the exhibition. 


This lecture uses images and sound to describe the life and work of painter Réjeanne Lizotte (1947–2014) through the underlying principle of nomadism in her artistic creations. Her motto, her watchword, her call to arms was, “Going elsewhere to see if I’m there.” From her home town of Roberval in Quebec all the way to Tokyo, it was always somewhere else, even farther away, where she set out to encounter herself, her art … and others. Indeed, others play an essential role in her painting, which incorporates echoes of jazz and the urban rhythms that flow through the arteries of major cities. The rhythm of existence runs through all of this work, whether it’s a heartbeat, music, the megacities of the world or the world that spins on its own axis in an individual’s private prison.

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Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
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