• February 13 at 6:30 pm
  • Alliance française Toronto - Galerie Pierre Léon
Exhibition - Photo Exhibition

Breaking news

Photography exhibition by Geneviève Thauvette

“Breaking News” consists of a series of absurdist photographic images that satirize the format and content of news reports. I play a panoply of female journalists in bright clothes and makeup with often disturbing and disproportionate expressions.

New technologies are being developed that can completely falsify an audio recording or transform one’s features to seamlessly emulate another’s. Information is no longer necessarily brokered by traditional channels. The integrity and veracity of facts are threatened by individuals in power and the media itself. This series “breaks” the news through parody and caricature. Despite the perceived levity we must ask a dark question: what is happening to the integrity of the news or the hierarchy of importance of events?


The Warriors

Photography exhibition by Kathleen Hearn

The Warriors explores globalized youth culture as it plays out in the streets of Saint-Louis, Senegal. Focusing on the dance group New Black Scorpion (NBS) Crew and the in-line skate group Kronic Roller, the images and film record members of these groups as they perform against the backdrop of the city. In the video, members of Kronic circle the island, looping through the streets as they mark out their territory while sounds of the city mix with sounds of their wheels cutting against the road. With NBS, the camera images the group as they perform hip-hop moves. In their performances, the two groups blend elements of local and imported culture to create a hybrid identity that is uniquely Saint-Louisienne.


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