Theatre - Puppets

From February 23 to 28, 2021
At the Spadina Theatre 




With le Théâtre français de Toronto


Théâtre de l’Oeil
Réjane Charpentier, text
André Laliberté, stage director


From February 23 to 28, 2021

From 4 years old

45 minutes


Who is this Grande Dame that invites us to the game of creation?

Magician or deity, the big ELLE (SHE) creates as she breathes. From darkness and void, she sets about making a new world. Then appear a number of creatures that have to learn to live together, each one looking to find their place in regards to their dreams...

But is there a place for everyone in Another World (Un Autre Monde)?


A fable of life that invites us to reflect on the world of differences that surrounds us.



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