Author of many history books, such as The politics of Depression in France (1985) ; The Popular Front in France: Defending Democracy 1934-38 (1988), France the Dark Years 1940-1944 (2001), De Gaulle (2003), Living in Arcadia, Homosexuality, Politics and Morality in France from the Liberation and Aids (2009); translated in French, 2009; La Grande Illusion (2009); May 68, Rethinking France’s Last Revolution (2011). 

The professor Jackson is Fellow of the British, Academy, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, member of the Scientific Comity Charles de Gaulle Foundation, member of the Comity of Archives Ministry of Defense, Paris, and the Scientific Board.

His book The Fall of France : The Nazi Invasion of 1940 (2003) was prized by The Wolfson Prize for History (2004); his last book A Certain Idea of France: The Life of Charles De Gaulle (2018) was prized by The American Library in Paris Prize 2018, as the best book about France written in English, then by the Franco-British Literary Prize 2018, and by the Duff Cooper Prize for Non Fictionary 2018.