• May 24 at 7:30 pm
  • Spadina Theatre
Movie Thursday - Movie Thursday : Documentary

Carnets d'un grand détour

Starting point: Gibraltar. Destination: Bamako. If you were to walk all the way, what sort of encounters would be in store for you? Would the routes of different human migrations cross? Would the path beaten by thousands of people going in the opposite direction have its meaning revealed? This is the quest undertaken by the director, who brings us along on a journey through the Africa she loves so much. The trip takes several months, and she is not alone: the trail is blazed by a public reader who is walking with his donkey/library, on a pilgrimage to his birthplace. The stories that intertwine on the road all belong to the same history, forcing us to question our concept of the encounter with the Other – each one a matter of chance, each one a small miracle.

Documentary by Catherine Hébert, 2012, Canada (1h34)

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