French shows to watch on Netflix in order to practice French

Discover five French shows to watch on Netflix Canada.

The Netflix Canada streaming platform offers its subscribers several shows produced in France. A good way to practice French and to have a good time. You will be able to discover through its French shows the cities of France, different accents and humor as well as a panoply of actors. Don't worry, there are all English subtitles!


Dix pour Cent (Call my Agent) by Fanny Herrero

Broadcasted since 2015 on France 2, the French public channel and now available on Netflix, the Dix pour Cent show won over the French press, which described it as original, authentic, modern, funny and witty. Composed of three seasons and 18 episodes in total, the dramatic comedy Dix pour Cent, shot in Paris, returns to France 2 in fall with a fourth season. Its success comes largely from the cast of actors playing their own roles.

Synopsis of Dix pour Cent (Call my Agent) by Fanny Herrero

After the sudden death of the founder of the artistic agency SKA (Samuel Kerr Agency), Andréa, Mathias, Gabriel and Arlette, the four agents try to save their livelihood while trying to satisfy the stars for who they work. Between dramas and comic situations, the agents must also reconcile their private life and their professional life.

Watch Dix pour Cent (Call my Agent) on Netflix Canada.


Plan Coeur (The Hookup Plan) by Noémie Saglio and Julien Teisseire

Released in December 2018, the Plan Coeur (The Hookup Plan) show of Noémie Saglio and Julien Teisseire, produced by the Netflix platform, is made up of two seasons and 14 episodes in total. Plan Coeur (The Hookup Plan) is a humorous and light romantic show, which has the sole purpose of being only uncomplicated entertainment, with Paris, the capital of love, in the background.

Synopsis of Plan Coeur (The Hookup Plan) by Noémie Saglio and Julien Teisseire

Elsa, a single woman in her thirties, is still struggling to recover from her break up two years ago with her ex Max. Her two best friends, Charlotte and Émilie, try to help her move on her past love story by hiring an escort boy, without telling her anything. But Elsa ends up falling under his spell.

Watch Plan Coeur (The Hookup Plan) on Netflix Canada.


Mytho (Mythomaniac) by Anne Berest and Fabrice Gobert

After its big success in October 2019 on Arte, the Franco-German television channel, the Mytho (Mythomaniac) show of Anne Berest and Fabrice Gobert has been on Netflix since December 2019. This dark comedy drama won the audience prize at the 10th edition of the Festival Séries Mania, in 2019 and Marina Hands, the main actress, the best actress award.

Synopsis of Mytho (Mythomaniac) by Anne Berest and Fabrice Gobert

Elvira, Patrick and their three children live in a small suburb that looks like Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives. Between her not always friendly children, her indifferent husband and her tyrannical boss, Elvira feels abandoned, overwhelmed and mistreated. After consulting the doctor for a suspicious lump in the breast, Elvira learns that was only benign. Both relieved and depressed, she ends up cracking and lets escape a lie (a mytho), to her family. This lie allows her to be considered a little more but she gradually loses control of it.

Watch Mytho (Mythomaniac) on Netflix Canada.


Family Business by Igor Gotesman

Released in Summer 2019, the Family Business show by Igor Gotesman is broadcasted exclusively on the Netflix platform. Composed for the moment of one season and 6 episodes, the Family Business show brought together a beautiful cast of French actors including Gérard Darmon and Jonathan Cohen. A French version of the American show: Weeds.

Synopsis Family Business by Igor Gotesman

Joseph is an entrepreneur deep down, always looking for the last idea that will make him successful. After many failures, he ends up finding THE solution. According to a "reliable source", the French government intends to legalize cannabis (illegal in France). Without a second thought, he tries to convince his father to transform his kosher butcher's shop in the Marais district, in Paris, into a “coffee shop”. Before this information gets out and everyone takes over this new market, the family must be discreet about the new business.

Watch Family Business on Netflix Canada.


Marseille by Dan Franck

Released in May 2016, Marseille is the first French show produced by Netflix and sold as a French “House of Cards”. The cast is prestigious with headliner Gérard Depardieu, a giant of French cinema. It takes place in the magnificent city of Marseille.

However, the Marseille show has been unanimously criticized by the French press. However, this political drama had pleased enough French and foreign viewers for Netflix to offer a second season, in February 2018, even if the third was canceled.

Synopsis of Marseille by Dan Franck

Mayor of Marseille, for 20 years, Robert Taro has been looking for a docile successor to manipulate, and therefore relies on his assistant, Lucas Barres. But this successor didn’t turn out to be the one expected. A power struggle ensues then, between Robert Taro, an old school politician and Lucas Barres, ready to do anything to manage Marseille in place of his mentor.

Watch Marseille on Netflix Canada.


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