Into arts, science, news?.. Then learn a fun fact each day and stay updated - all of it in French, of course.

Do you want to practice French? Yes, but grammar ain't really  your thing... You got you, no worries. Here are some ideas to learn more about art, science, news, all of it while learning French!

Artips (thrice per week)

Artips is a newsletter you will receive directly in your mail box. Each short fun fact explores a famous or not-so-famous artwork from a quirky and fascinating point of view!

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Sciencetips (twice per week)

As you might have guessed with the name, sciencetips belongs to the same family tree as Artips, but now we are talking about science. A weird invention, a bewildering physical phenomena, a great scientist... Yoy are going to learn a lot! No needs to be a highly-qualified ingeneer, everything is made simple to understand, and you go go further on the subject thanks to the sources.

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Economitips (twice per week)

Let's understand economics in a blink of the eye! Same principle as Artips and Sciencetips: a punchline, a fun fact, an explanation, and 1 minute for you to read it all.

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If you too sometimes have a hard time seing through the flow of news, is here to synthetise what's going on in a clear way. If a matter especially arises amongst the news, they will explain step by step how we got there and if necessary will deconstruct any misconception. Good to know: focuses rather on the French news.

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Se coucher moins bête : go to sleep smarter (whenever you want)

Se coucher moins bête exists for laptops but the app is more practical. Learn hundreds of fun facts which are sometimes extremly useful, and sometimes, well, not as useful. Pop culture, science, art, politics, movies, there is one fun fact for every taste! And who knows? Maybe you will be the next to add a fun fact....

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