What if your favorite game was in French and online? Let your friends know!

Que ce soit avec des joueurs aléatoires ou avec des amis, une multitude de jeux en ligne existent. Une bonne occasion pour s'amuser tout en pratiquant son français (ou, si on est francophones, pour le perfectionner encore plus !). Voici notre sélection.

Trust us: no matters if you want to play with random players or with your friends, many online games exist. And that's the perfect occasion to have fun while practicing your French (or, if your French is already perfect, to make it... even more perfect!). Here is our selection.




The concept is rather simple: an online Pictionary. You choose a word in an imposed list, and you have to make the other players guess this word. Bonus: you can even create a "Private Room" to play with your friends. So, will you be the best artist, thanks to your computer mouse?

Play here : https://skribbl.io/


Blanc Manger Coco

The French "Cards Against Humanity" will sure make you laugh! A multiplayer mode (with random players or with your friends) will allow you to be even more cynical and sarcastic in this... always subtle game!

Play here: https://simmer.io/@Blancmangercoco/blanc-manger-coco


Petit Bac

We've all already played to the "Petit Bac" (French version) when we were younger. Here is the perfect occasion to rediscover the adrenaline of this game... A job starting with the letter T? A fruit with the letter D? It's your turn to play to get a better vocabulary and a better... rapidity!

Play here: https://petitbacenligne.net/


Le Loup-Garou


Our favorite one so far! Wether it was around a bonfire during a summer camp, or with some friends after a good dinner, we've had fun while playing the "Loup-Garou Villageois" many times! The rules? You're part of a village where many werewolves are waking up every night and killing people. Will you be able to find out who they are? Here is your chance to be a real detective!

Play here: https://www.loups-garous-en-ligne.com/


Jeux en ligne sur Facebook

"Words with Friends", "4 Pics 2 steps", or even "Uno"... Many games are offered on Facebook. The bonus? Your friends are directly connected: you just have to invite them to play online now!

Play here: https://www.facebook.com/games/instantgames