Practice French by following French youtubers

Discover 9 French youtubers who will make you practice and love French even more.

Learning a language by doing what you love to do is the secret of all polyglots. Do you like to read? To cook? To travel? To play sports? Youtube is full of channels, each more interesting than the other, according to your tastes and your hobbies. Watching videos that you are passionate about, in the language of Molière, will allow you to progress quickly while having fun.


Go on a trip from your sofa with Bruno Maltor, a French youtuber

Recognizable with his cap, Bruno Maltor transmits his passion for travel to his subscribers on his Youtube channel. From India to Guatemala, via beautiful cities in France such as Toulouse or the province of Loire-Atlantique, Bruno takes you around the globe, from your sofa, and shares his photo spots, his hidden addresses and his significant meetings. He also gives you tips on how to improve your photos and make them look as good as he does. An escape to the most beautiful places on Earth, in good company.

Find Bruno Maltor on his Youtube channel, his Instagram account, his Facebook page and his blog Votre Tour du Monde.


Add new books to your stack to read thanks to the French literary channel of Anatestia

Discover Emy, a literature teacher in middle and high school, in Paris, who for years, has been animating Anatestia, her youtube channel by sharing her favorites (or not) books as well as on her literature podcast. Her channel is dedicated to the love she brings to books, but also to feminism and travel. Her videos are bilingual (subtitles in French or in English depending on which languages she speaks) and she also offers videos in English as well as French lessons for beginners. She loves Flaubert, Zola and Rousseau and hates Balzac, Molière and Rabelais. One of his favorite books is Sentimental Education of Flaubert. She also runs a book club, as soon as you have an advanced level thanks to our online French courses, you will be able to participate.

Visit her channel dedicated only to literature, her global channel or her literary Instagram account.


Thanks to the beauty youtubers, learn French by applying makeup

Passionate about beauty, you love watching makeup or skincare videos. Practice your favorite hobby while learning French at the same time, isn’t it tempting? Thanks to the most famous French beauty youtubers, it's possible.

Sananas, a French beauty youtuber with colorful makeup

With almost 3 million subscribers on her Youtube channel, Sananas is one of the most famous French beauty youtubers. With already two co-creations with Sephora, Sananas masters brushes and palettes. She offers new videos every week and shares her positivity with her community.

Follow Sananas on her Youtube channel and on her Instagram.

La petite Gaby, a French beauty youtuber who advocates well-composed products

You care about the composition of your cosmetic products, we recommend the videos of La petite Gaby, which only offers organic brands. Renowned for her hair care for majestic curls, Gabrielle also offers marketing focus. She analyzes popular cosmetic brands, by deciphering their marketing strategy, their product compositions and by proposing organic alternatives.

Follow La petite Gaby on her Youtube channel and on her Instagram account.


Work your biceps with the French youtuber Sissy Mua

Are you a regular in the gym or do you want to get into strength training? Sissy Mua is a French big name in the field. For many years, Sissy Mua has been sharing muscle building and cardio videos. Each year, as summer approaches, she offers a free program on Youtube: Bikini with Sissy. Today, she continues to post fitness and nutrition videos on her channel. Recently, she offers live sports every day on her Instagram account and a few on Youtube. She is also a co-founder of the TrainSweatEat sports app.

Do fitness with Sissy Mua on her Youtube channel and on her Instagram account.


Prepare delicious gourmet and healthy meals with the twin sisters Isadora & Marisa

Isadora Feujo, founder of the Snackies Box brand, created a YouTube channel with Marisa, her twin sister, to promote their business and their vision of healthy, delicious and balanced food. For the past three years, she has shared quick and original recipes approximately every week. They also provide advice to get started in food rebalancing while not ignoring the love of good food. Get into your kitchen like their 141,000 subscribers!

Follow Isadora and Marisa on their Youtube channel and on Instagram (Isadora & Marisa).


Bonus: three English-speaking Youtubers who speak French

Rachel Martino, a New Yorker who loves French

Rachel Martino is an American and New York blogger, instagrammer and youtuber who has been offering videos in French on her Youtube channel for 9 years. After choosing French in high school, Rachel Martino fell in love with the language. She continued her studies in French literature and participated in university exchange programs in France. At the same time, she decided to create a Youtube channel in French, to practice the language and improve it. She thus shares her life in Brooklyn, her makeup and hairstyle tutorials, her fashion advice etc. On Instagram, she also created the #FrenchFridays, where she tells anecdotes about France and French language and also organizes live shows with other French influencers. A real source of inspiration for those who would like to start learning French.

Follow Rachel Martino on her Youtube channel in French and on her Instagram account.

Sebastian Marx & Paul Taylor, two English humorists who joke about the French language

The French language can sometimes be very difficult to learn for non-natives. Two English-speaking humorists approach this theme in French in their sketches and make fun of the rigid and sometimes eccentric spelling rules: Sebastian Marx, a New Yorker and Paul Taylor, a British.

Watch #Franglais, Paul Taylor's full show on Youtube and his episodes What The Fuck France.

Watch the sketches of Sebastian Marx on Youtube.


Have fun with our French youtubers but don't forget to complete your French practice at home with our online courses.