L'Ecole des Loisirs, a great French publishing house, animates its books and invites your kids to experience stories differently... For ages 3+. In French.

With the lockdown and the closure of public libraries, you might have overread all the books you had at home to your kids. Do not worry! Ecole des Loisirs, whose stories have kept kids on dreaming since ages, offers you to discover their work in a very new way: by animating books.

What is an animated book?

Well, the idea is that a professionnal storyteller reads the story as the illustrations of the book are being filmed and animated. The bed-time story will take an entirely different turn! Watch as the book opens up on the screen, then the voice starts talking, and the pages move by themselves to take your kid(s) deeper and deeper into the story...

11 albums have been put online for free on Vimeo. For the rest of their catalogue y,ou can find it here: www.ecoledesloisirs.fr/theme/livre-anime. Everything is classified depending on the age and the collection, so it is very easy to find what you are looking for!

Important to notice : all books and the website are in French, there is not English version available yet.

Find the 11 free books on Vimeo. Here they are :

Haut les pattes ! by Catherine Valckx


C’est moi le plus beau, by Mario Ramos

Le Train des souris, by Haruo Yamashita and Kazuo Iwamura

Ma Culotte, by Alan Mets

Pop mange de toutes les couleurs, by Pierrick Bisinski and Alex Sanders


Non pas dodo ! by Stephanie Blake

Caca boudin, by Stephanie Blake

La Brouille, by Claude Boujon

La Chaise bleue, by Claude Boujon


Ma Vallée, by Claude Ponti

Calinours va à l’école, by Alain Broutin and Frédéric Stehr

Cornebidouille contre cornebidouille, by Magali Bonniol and Pierre Bertrand