Exhibition - In collaboration with the Institut Français & the French Embassy in Canada

From October 14 to December 18, 2020 


The French Embassy in Canada and the Institut français de Toronto invite you to dive into the magical unvierse of "Machine à Bulles".


Do you miss cultural events and live shows? Do not worry, the exhibition "Machine à Bulles" brings art directly on your screens! Through 24 online comics, dive into fantasy stories, thrillers, insights on climate issues or even video games if that's what you like! There is something for everyone. If you love music and beautiful voices, this is for you! Discover a comic with an amazing retro-futuristic look: Instraviata. 16 episodes on Instagram invent all over again the storytelling of La Traviata, a touching love story staged by Verdi's breathtaking opera.

The cartoons by Léo Maret, inspired by the 90s comics, take you into a weird world, with bright, strange colors and an ultra-modern vision of an ageless story. On top of it there is the voice of Elsa Dreisig, the youngest interpret Violetta since the legendary Maria Callas. If (just like us) you do not understand the dialogues sung during operas, no worry : the lyrics are translated from Italian into French and the karaoke version is written to follow the story. Yes, you can even release your hidden soprano or tenor voice by singing along! That's not all ! The episodes include a documentary to understand how the role was prepared by Elsa Dreisig, a young French-Danish soprano, first Prize of the lyrical Revelation in 2016 during the classical Music Awards. You are not simply going to discover La Traviata in a totally innovative way, you will get behind the opera curtains to follow a young talentful artist as she deals with the challenge and the pressure of the show.

So let's go on Instragram! Here's the link : https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/instraviataarte/

Instraviata is born from numerous collaborations. On one side you find the cartoons of Léo Maret, an illustrator who got 2nd at the Youg Talent Award of the Festival d'Angoulême in 2010. The documentary, which follows with subtility Elsa Dreisig's work, is directed by Claire Alby and Timothée Magot. Arte France and Bigger than Fiction coordinated the project to offer you this extremely innovative program, only available on social networks.

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