Exhibition - In collaboration with the Institut Français & the French Embassy in Canada


From octobre 14 to december 18 2020 

The French Embassy in Canada, the Institut français and Alliance Française de Toronto invite you to dive in to the magical universe of "Machine à Bulles".


Do you miss cultural events and live shows? Do not worry! The exhibition "Machine à Bulles" brings art directly on your screens! Through 11 online comics, dive into fantasy stories, thrillers, insights on climate issues or even video games if that's what you like! There is something for everyone.

Important: this game is rated PG16.

1950s, New-York, at night, in a boxing club. A scream. The hanging body of Joe Dunn is discovered... A few days later, a rising star of the boxing world disappears. To unveal the mysteries and take the investigation into the deepest and gloomiest slums of the town, the cat detective John Blacksad is called...and you are the one controllig his actions!
Blacksad, Under the skin is born when the gaming world met one of the masterpieces of comic world: Blacksad. Full of anthropomorphic animals, its atmosphere is inspired by the dark thrillers from the 50s and the story is set in a jazzy mafia world. The comic is today admired and loved any amateur of comicbooks. Under the Skin adapts the comic into an interactive game. You decide what the detective does but beware! Each decision will surely impact what happens next and how the game finishes... Dive with John Blacksad into the New-York underwork, meet the thugs and the superstars who live there. Written by Juan Diaz Canales, the scenario is of course set in the Blacksad universe but is fully original.

The game is point-n-click based. It keeps the dynamic, highly-expressive and full humour drawing style of the illustrator Juanjo Guarnido. Released in 2019, you can play it on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC et Mac. It's also available in different languages: French, English, Italian, Spanish, German.

Are you ready to start the adventure? Then the investigation starts here:


How does it work ?

It's simple! Starting October 14th, head to our Facebook & Instagram pages and discover the pieces all throughout the Fall. 


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