Exhibition - In collaboration with the Institut Français & the French Embassy in Canada


From october 14 to december 18 2020 

The French Embassy in Canada, the Institut français and Alliance Française Toronto invite you to dive into the magical universe of "Machine à Bulles".


Do you miss cultural events and live shows? Do not worry! The exhibition "Machine à Bulles" brings art directly on your screens! Through 11 online comics, dive into fantasy stories, thrillers, insights on climate issues or even video games if that's what you like! There is something for everyone.

«Hello. Thank you for choosing I-Care. Introduce yourself and give a name to your robot.» What if robots were taking care of your parents? What if electronic devices replaced your baby- sitters and the school-teachers? Would it be a good or a terrible idea?

Being at the same time a futuristic web-comic and an insight on the evolution of society, you'll like You, Robot. As far as we are concerned at AFT, we loved it. The web-comic talks about issues that were only science-fi yesterday. Today, they are strangley accurate: could we remplace our care-takers by robots? Could we entrust a device with our security? How can we developp and program a Artficial Intelligence and where its limits should be set? Or even why do these questions fascinate us and scare us? These issues are not easy to talk about but the comic addresses them with a dynamic and captivating story. The reading is understandable for any age. The sober drawing creates a lovely artwork. By clicking to scroll through the comic, the reading becomes a game and creates a quite intersting interaction! You, robot is inspired by the project Social Robots by Emily Cross, a researcher at Glasgow University. One of the main interest for both the comic and the research is the highly psychological aspect and the will to understand how the human brain reacts to a socially interactive robot. You can feel in the web-comic the subtle scientific analysis and all the questions left opened... You, Robot is part of the greater project ErcComics. It's a 18-webcomics program exploring the new ways of storytelling and how to communicate on European scientific research.


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