Exhibition - In collaboration with the Institut Français & the French Embassy in Canada


From October 14 to December 18, 2020 

The French Embassy in Canada, the Institut français and Alliance Française Toronto invite you to dive into the magical unvierse of "Machine à Bulles".


Do you miss cultural events and live shows? Do not worry! The exhibition "Machines à Bulles" brings art directly on your screens! Through 11 online comics, dive into fantasy stories, thrillers, insights on climate issues or even video games if that's what you like! There is something for everyone.

What will we eat tomorrow ? How can we feed a growing population facing global warming ? Manger vers le futur (eating towards the future) offers you an answer to these questions... or rather offers you answers, through the choices and debates of 4 friends. Each year, from 2010 to 2050, Ana, Raman, Edgard and Inès gather for one great meal. Each time of course the food question arises : when the environmental situation gets worst, how to consume in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way ? To say the least, the 4 friends do not quite agree with each other on the solutions ! That's one of the nicest things with the webcomic : it doesn't patronize those who do not eat organic food or who don't chose to become vegetarians. On the contrary, each friend explores a different kind of sustainable consumption, trying to accomodate their desires, the efforts they are ready to make and the need to change things. At the heart of each practice lies of course the environment but also the evolution of the characters, the technologies and
the worldwide political and social background.



Through the annual meetings of the 4 friends, Manger vers le futur talks with optimism and insight about our ways of consuming and producing. By starting the story in the present days and continuing it into the future, the authors do not only show one solution, but rather create a tree of possibilities inspired by alternatives developped nowadays. It is smart science-fiction : the wecomic doesn't only tell you what could happen, it also gives you its scientific references. For each environmental matter and each consuming or producing alternative, the authors have built up a file explaining it. All of this meta-information is easily accessible on the website. The readers are encouraged not only to read a nice webcomic, but also to enquire, get information and find answers within themselves.

One last thing : Manger vers le futur is also an Instagram account which, in the same vibe as the webcomic, informs you on environmental news, gives you easy and ecofriendly recipes and offers funfacts to break down the clichés associated with consumption practices. Eating better to create a better future, isn't it a beautiful project ?


How does it work? 

Discover the webcomic here : https://mangerverslefutur.org/ 

Discover the Instagram account for Manger vers le futur for inspiring ideas related to ecology: https://www.instagram.com/mangerverslefutur/

Discover all of the works shared so far :