Exhibition - In collaboration with the Institut Français & the French Embassy in Canada


From October 14 to December 18, 2020 

The French Embassy in Canada, the Institut français and Alliance Française Toronto invite you to dive into the magical unvierse of "Machine à Bulles".


Do you miss cultural events and live shows? Do not worry! The exhibition "Machines à Bulles" brings art directly on your screens! Through 11 online comics, dive into fantasy stories, thrillers, insights on climate issues or even video games if that's what you like! There is something for everyone.

Get ready for a mindblowing trip with Le secret des cailloux qui brillent (the secret of the glowing rocks) ! A trip in a crazy world, full of magic and strange creatures... A visual trip as well in the stylistic universes of more than 16 different artists, working together on this amibitious project ! What about the story, you might ask ? Welll, in a world of knights and mages, Grut is a fearless warrior. She is sent into battle against the monstruous Marquis Myrtille with her friends, but the fight goes wrong and her girlfriend Jeanne gets turned into a slug. Grut immediately pounces on the monster, kills it and by doing so receives a super powerful magic stone. Using the gem as a weapon, she gets on a quest through the whole kingdom to invert the speel casted upon Jeanne and to hopefully bring her back into a human shape...



The webcomic offers a rich universe, full of characters and places that you discover as the story goes. Kids will love it but adults too : the comic wonders about questions like love, power, gender, and the adventures can be read on many different levels of interpretation. The visual diversity of the webcomic is just as important and you can really enjoy diving into it at any age. Initiated and coordonated by Thomas Mathieu, the webcomic brings together about 20 illustrators and drawing artists with great talent. Some are already famous, others are rising stars : to give you an idea, let's mention Julie Maroh who brought us Le bleu est une couleur chaude (Blue is a warm color), Timothé Le Boucher who created Ces jours qui disparaissent (These disappearing days), Thomas Mathieu himself of course, or even Emmanuel Espinasse who worked on You, Robot , a webcomic you can also discover in the exhibition Machines à Bulles.... In a nutshell, an amazing bunch of skilled artists, each one of them bringing into the story their own creativity, universe and characters. As a final touch, the webcomic was fully funded by crowdfunding through Patreon and put online for free. A generous gesture, in the vibe of the whole comic. 

How does it work? 

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