Review and Practice

with Frantastique

Need extra French practice?

AFT is teaming up with Frantastique to bring daily customized French practices via an email right to your inbox.

Practice French through play

Play-based French learning is essential for adults.

Alliance Francaise Toronto has teamed up with Frantastique to offer you special access to their online practicing product. The method consists of a daily email featuring a story, a selection of exercises, videos, or text, and personalized feedback based on your level and interest.

We offer students this experience in addition to their online or on campus French courses.

Through this practice we keep our commitment in the main principles we apply in our French courses: having fun while learning.

You stay motivated in practicing your French-as-a-second-language every day through a role-play that evolves along with your progress.

Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced in French), these adventures are adapted to your skills and abilities. This way, every episode is a motivating and rewarding experience.