Do your employees or executives need to improve their conversation skills, increase their vocabulary, develop their written communication, or gain confidence in their ability to speak French?

Our Education department designs for them a personalized training program based on their needs and communication goals.

Teaching Methods Designed to Meet Your Needs and Goals

You define your French training goals. We provide you with support by taking into account the professional context in which your staff needs to use French.

We assess your staff’s level of French with placement tests administered by an instructor.

We then provide a detailed training program and a budget, along with a course calendar with dates and objectives for each course. We also include a list of required tools (videoconferencing, phone, etc.) and materials, as well as a profile of the selected teachers.

Once a training program has started, you receive regular reports detailing the progress made by the participants.

At the end of the program, you receive a final assessment.

Programs Adapted to Your Professional Contingencies

We offer multiple training packages adapted to every business. You can choose between individual and group courses:

Based on your schedule and the availability of your team, we select the most relevant course format (group, private, on-site, remote, or even a hybrid format, combining classroom and remote learning).

Whatever format you choose, your staff will benefit from personalized attention throughout their learning process. Our French teachers are available via email between classes to provide advice and feedback to each student.

French Corporate Course Rates
Number of StudentsRate per group / hr
1 $80
2 $88
3 $99
4 - 12 $112

Contact Information

Toronto Downtown
Gaetane Muceli
(416) 922-2014 ext.36
North and Western Toronto
Mary Hanna
(289) 291-3333