English courses and practice for non-beginners

This course is useful if you can communicate in English in all areas of life but your proficiency is not always enough to be comfortable.

Furthermore, francophones meet specific challenges with pronunciation and english grammar.

New student?


Before registering, meet with a teacher for a placement test.

Contact Anne-Sophie at 437-886-5002 ext.1.


General English courses

Every learning level in English-as-a-second-language training (intermediate, advanced) is divided into a series of 12- or 24-hour classes. This matrix allows for steady and regular progression as students’ skills develop. Depending on your availability and the course schedule you select, you can cover a session with one or two classes a week. These courses are provided online.


English conversation courses

This course gives you the opportunity to discuss current events relayed by the English-speaking press or television, or any other authentic source.
Some English grammar questions are reviewed at this level. New debates are proposed every week to broaden your vocabulary and strengthen your oral skills.


Private French courses

Your professional schedule doesn’t leave you free for regularly scheduled group courses? You want to work only on specific aspects of your English? You have a short deadline that requires intensive preparation or practice in English?

Our private English courses offer a flexible schedule adapted to your availability. Your private courses are provided online


Review & Practice

Stay motivated in practicing your English-as-a-second-language every day through a role-play that evolves along with your progress. Whatever your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced in English), these adventures are adapted to your skills and abilities. This way, every episode is a motivating and rewarding experience.