French courses for the Canadian public service

Alliance Française Toronto is an official supplier of French-language training to the federal government. It’s also the largest centre for private French-as-a-second-language instruction in Canada.

All our courses are taught by certified and highly skilled instructors, either at your office, online or at our 5 GTA campuses.

Public service employees have the opportunity to improve or practise their French from the beginner level (Level A in the public service test) up to an advanced level in written or oral communication (Level B and C on the Second Language Evaluation of the Public Service Commission of Canada).

We evaluate your needs and provide you with a customized learning plan free of charge.



Toronto Downtown

Gervanne Bourquin

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Toronto West and North

Mary Hanna

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French courses for public service employees: Beginner level

This course is designed to meet the specific needs of current or future public service employees who wish to begin learning French.

It serves as an introduction to the fundamentals of French for those wishing to achieve the first language skill level required (Level A); they will achieve basic functional communication.

The French-as-a-second-language course for beginners is provided either online or in one of our campuses in the GTA or at your office. The materials used in the course are based on the standards of the Canada School of Public Service.

This course is available in two formats: private (one-to-one) or semi-private (2 or 3 participants).

To learn more about our beginner courses for employees of the public service, contact Mary Hanna.


French training for the federal/provincial government and public service tests

You’re a federal or provincial government employee and you need to reach either your Level B/B/B (general level), or Level B/C in writing, or Level A in speaking in government tests?

Alliance Française Toronto offers courses in French as a second language that will support these goals: reading comprehension, oral test preparation and grammar courses that will prepare you for the Second Language Evaluation of the Public Service Commission of Canada.


Preparing for public service written tests: Comprehension and expression

This preparatory course is taught by an instructor familiar with federal/provincial government and public service testing.

It is based on activities that follow the same pattern as the official tests. This way, you can practise for your exams, compare your answers with those provided and receive detailed feedback about grammar rules and idioms.


Public service oral test preparation

This course prepares you for the Level B or C oral exam and focuses on five key components of the oral test: oral comprehension, conversation, oral production, communication strategies and language accuracy.

This preparatory course is based on activities consistent with those found on the official tests.

For more information regarding French-as-a-second-language courses for public service employees, contact Mary Hanna.