The DAEFLE (Diplôme d'Aptitude à l'Enseignement du Français Langue Seconde) is a French diploma for professional purposes. It was developed by Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France  and the National Centre for Distance Education (CNED).

The diploma is developed to certify the French level of candidates wishing to teach French as a foreign or second language, or to validate the skills of those that are already teachers. To be accepted into the preparation course for this diploma, you must have a good understanding of French. AFT offers you the chance to take a French level test to gain access to this training. 

Two options are available for this training:

  • Option 1: Complete preparation in ten months. The training is comprised of 480 hours of learning and six modules, four of which are mandatory and two that are optional.
  • Option 2: Modular preparation. If you want to acquire a specific skills, you can choose to complete one or more modules and validate them without taking the exam. For every validated module, you will receive a certificate of completion from Alliance Française Paris Ile-de-France. The completed modules can be used as credits. However, they are valid for up to four years for the DAEFLE diploma.


Entrance Exam

Before registering, you must pass the mandatory entrance exam, no exceptions.

Passing the entrance exam is necessary, except when registering for one or more specialized modules in the case of a non-degree course.

The entrance exam will remain valid for registration within three years of taking the test.

Register to the Entrance Exam 


Final Exam

The final Exam session takes place at the North York campus

 Next exam session calendar and registration 

Final Exam Registration

The final exam consists of two tests: a transversal test and a specialization test.
To take the final exam, candidates must have validated 5 fundamental modules and one specialization. A certificate of completion of the modules will also be required.

Cost: $550

Date of Exam - AF TORONTO Registration start date Registration deadline
Wednesday, June 7, 2023 March 1, 2023 May 2, 2023
Thursday, December 7, 2023 September 1, 2023 October 31, 2023