Preparation au TEF

With PrepMyTEF®(PrepMyFuture), Alliance Française Toronto offers you the only online preparation course to give you access to official and current practice tests to help you pass the TEF exam. 

What Do I Need to Pass the TEF Exam?

4 hours, 5 modules, 1 screen, 1 brain… and a new adventure!

  • Written comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Lexicon and structure
  • Oral comprehension
  • Oral expression

What's Included in Our Preparation Course

  • Complete preparation for all 5 modules
  • Refresher course in grammar and vocabulary
  • 1 TEF diagnosis
  • 1,600+ TEF-level exercises
  • 2 official practice tests with all modules
  • Detailed answers for each exercise
  • Explanations written in French and English
  • Tailored programs for each part of the TEF exam

Bonus: 2 in 1 Pack

The TEF preparation test also includes a 100% FREE Canadian citizenship practice test!

Includes questions covering all the topics that may show up on the test

Real case scenarios with a time limit for each subject

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