Preparation au TEF

With PrepMyTEF, Alliance Française Toronto offers you the only online preparation course to give you access to official and current practice tests to help you pass the TEF exam. 

What Do I Need to Pass the TEF Exam?

4 hours, 5 modules, 1 screen, 1 brain… and a new adventure!

  • Written comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Lexicon and structure
  • Oral comprehension
  • Oral expression

What's Included in Our Preparation Course

  • Complete preparation for all 5 modules
  • Refresher course in grammar and vocabulary
  • 1 TEF diagnosis
  • 1,600+ TEF-level exercises
  • 2 official practice tests with all modules
  • Detailed answers for each exercise
  • Explanations written in French and English
  • Tailored programs for each part of the TEF exam

Bonus: 2 in 1 Pack

The TEF preparation test also includes a 100% FREE Canadian citizenship practice test!

Includes questions covering all the topics that may show up on the test

Real case scenarios with a time limit for each subject

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