After morning dedicated to French-language activities, participants will discover the magic of photography with a professional artist.


This workshop will look at photography in its many forms: from studio photography, working in a black room, photo processing, to the creation of GIF images, from digital image editing to photomontage.

Campers will also learn:

- How to build their own camera 
- How to handle photosensitive materials 
- Techniques and tips from professional photographers 
- How to prepare a photography studio

Whether inspired by art history or by contemporary photographic creations, our young participants will give life to their imagination by creating and photographing their own visuals.

An exhibition of the participants’ work is presented at the end of the workshop. Includes one finished 8 x 10-inches photo print per participant



Neuroscientists have demonstrated that learning to play an instrument or to sing, leads to changes in young people’s brains that make it more likely that they will reach their full cognitive and academic potential. So, don’t delay! Come stimulate your brain while having a ton of fun at one of the largest and most respected music schools in North America, where we believe that the finest instrument is the mind.



  • French level: beginner or intermediate
  • Age: 8 to 15 years old
From July 3rd to July 13th $667 Register
From July 16th to July 27th $740 Register
From August 27th to August 31st $370 Register
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