November 11, 2019 - at 10 AM and 1 PM
at Spadina Campus


Theater, dance, music ... A rhythmic adaptation


November 11, 2019 at 10am and 1pm

For ages 14 and up


75 minutes

Late one November night, Jean-Baptiste Clamence, a well-known Paris lawyer, is crossing the Pont des Arts in Paris when he comes across a woman leaning over the edge of the bridge above the river. When he has almost crossed the bridge, he hears behind him the sound of a body hitting the water and screams. He stops walking, hesitates, then walks on. We find him some years later in a bar in Amsterdam speaking to a silent listener. He talks of his past, his glorious life in Paris, his conquests and all the positive things he did had done up until that day, when crossing the bridge, he lacked the courage to help the young woman. His guilt became an obsession leading gradually to his own professional, social and inner downfall. In the course of his monologue, the woman on the bridge, as well as various other presences, including his own mirror image, continue to haunt and beckon him.

Director: André Nerman

Choreography: Nicola Ayoub

Music: Francis Courtot

Assistant directors: Alice Delarue and Marie Meunant

Artistic collaborators: Stéphanie Laurent and Luc Petton


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