Puppet Show
May 22, 2020 - at 10 AM
at Spadina Campus

An odyssey woven from many threads…  

In partnership with the Wee Festival

By Le Mouton Carré Company

Friday May 22, 2020 at 10am

For ages 3 and up

35 minutes


A hide-and-seek orchestrated by a puppeteer and a musician where the game is discovery...

Of space, where anything is possible,

Of time, which passes and transforms everything,

Of existential fears, those that make us move forward,

Of the Other, the one who opens the field of possibilities...


String by string, the world of Ficelle unravels, fragile, fertile, hostile...

String by string, it unravels the little nothings that constitute the essence of life.

A path where music and puppets weave together moments frozen in time.


Artistic director, stage design and puppet creation: Bénédicte Gougeon

Staging: Nathalie Avril

Composer: Romain Baranger

Lighting designer: Jordan Lachèvre

With Bénédicte Gougeon (puppeteer) and Romain Baranger (music and sound)


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