French courses for adults

We offer French courses to adult students from beginner to advanced.

Certified teachers lead all of our classes. They follow the Common European Framework for Languages, or CEFR--the international standard of reference.

In addition, our courses are flexible and are offered in many locations: online or at each of our 5 campuses in the GTA: Toronto, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Markham.

Our school has been offering French instruction in Canada since 1902. With over 7000 students each year, Alliance Française Toronto is the leading French language school in Canada--and among the best in North America.

We take to heart your aspiration to learn French. This is why we offer a wide variety of French courses to help you achieve your goals, whether personal or professional.

New student?


Before registering, meet with a teacher for a placement test.


General French courses

Every learning level in French-as-a-second-language training (beginner, intermediate, advanced) is divided into a series of 24-hour classes. This matrix allows for steady and regular progression as students’ skills develop. Depending on your availability and the course schedule you select, you can cover a 24-hour class in four to eight weeks.

These courses are provided in all 5 of our GTA campuses, or online 7 days a week.

At the end of each level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), you can certify your skills by taking an International French language diploma (DELF or DALF) exam. Test sessions are organized in our North York or Mississauga exam centres.


French conversation courses

These courses will help you practise your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary and improve your listening comprehension.

You will find that, as your oral communication improves, you gain confidence. We organize our conversation courses around role plays of everyday situations.

Students also study French by accessing audio resources in the francophone media. It’s a great way to learn French idioms and discover francophone cultures.

Our French conversation courses are suitable for intermediate and advanced students.


French literature courses

“I’ll never be able to read a novel.” Many students are reluctant to begin reading a novel although they are able to. Exposure to literature shows them that their studies, all those hours spent learning, enable them to discover other cultures and past eras, and to share those adventures with others.

The French-language books studied in this course have been written by French-Canadian, African and European authors, and will help you develop self-confidence, extend your vocabulary and improve your ability to express and summarize the intricacies of the language, emotions, and analysis. In short, you have the skills. Come and join us!


French cultural courses

Develop and extend your French language repertoire through these themed courses and workshops focusing on the most exciting aspects of French and Francophone traditional and popular cultures. Topics include French cinema, contemporary music, poetry, theatre, art, fashion and so much more.

According to the specific theme of the course, the class can take the form of a debate, analysis of documents, hands-on activities, discussion, or presentation.


Professional French courses

Is mastery of French as a second language an asset for your career? If so, our professional French courses can give you an edge by:

  • improving your written French (writing briefs, memos, drafts, letters…)
  • improving your spoken French (debating, public speaking, phone conversations…).

Taught by teachers with dual competencies, these adult-oriented courses in professional French focus on the vocabulary and idioms of the workplace.


Specialized French courses

You’d like to certify your abilities and skills in French as a second language with an international diploma (DELF or DALF)? Our preparatory courses (beginner, intermediate or advanced) will give you the best possible chance of passing your exam.

Furthermore, these preparatory courses are provided by dual-competency teachers. They are both FSL teachers and certified DELF/DALF examiners. They will help you to identify where and how you need to improve.

As a reminder, Alliance Française Toronto is the only official accredited exam centre in GTA for French tests and exams (North York and Mississauga campuses).


Private French courses

Your professional schedule doesn’t leave you free for regularly scheduled group courses? You want to work only on specific aspects of your French? You have a short deadline that requires intensive preparation or practice in French?

Our private French courses offer a flexible schedule adapted to your availability. You may take private courses online or at any of the 5 GTA campuses or even at home. In the latter case, the teacher will come to you.

Group courses are organized in small groups (max. 5 participants in classrooms, 8 participants in online courses). This format facilitates interaction between students and teachers.

At the beginner level, our teaching method emphasizes oral communication. Grammar and written communication are introduced as students progress.

Student learnings are immediately activated in class with individual or team tasks and with role plays simulating everyday situations.

All group courses are provided either online or at any of our 5 GTA campuses.