Express regret, encourage to act, understand the history of an event, make a complaint, ...and many other skills and abilities! This French course for adults is is available in all GTA campuses and online

Level: B1.3

  • Imagine a different past
  • Locate an event in a story set in the past
  • Express regret
  • Understand a manifesto
  • Encourage to act
  • Take a stand and express an opinion
  • Understand the history of an event
  • Talk about materials read (novels, articles, etc.)
  • Ask to borrow an object
  • Understand and give arguments for prevention (warnings and incentives)
  • Express outrage
  • Make a complaint

New students are invited to take a placement test before registering. Students can also take the certificate examination for the International French Diploma DELF (information available at your registration department or ask for more information from your teacher).

Dates & Times