Discover French literature masterpieces by analysing excerpts from classic novels and poems while you improve your skills in grammar at an intermediate level (B1).

Level: B1.4 - C2.4

  • L'école des femmes de Molière
    • Expression de la concession et de l’opposition.
  • La religieuse de Diderot
    • Expression de la cause.
  • Le Lac de Lamartine
    • Expression de la conséquence.
  • Jericho de Victor Hugo
    • Expression de but
  • Mme Bovary de Flaubert.
    • Expression de la comparaison.
  • Le Dormeur du Val de Rimbaud
    • Expression de temps

New students are invited to take a placement test before registering. Students can also take the certificate examination for the International French Diploma DELF (information available at your registration department or ask for more information from your teacher).

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