Press Review

...en français

Start your working day or take your lunch break with an entertaining Press review in French.

This will be all about your profession or your business.
Through a selection of articles taken from the most popular French publications, participants enrich their oral expression and develop their argumentative abilities on issues related to their profession.


eve lobriaut

Presenter: Eve Lobriaut

Eve, a reporter, journalist and certified French as a second language professor has worked in Europe (London and Paris) before moving to Toronto. Her extensive teaching experience to businesses has allowed her to develop an expertise in adapting to the needs of students and in creating customized courses.

nima tak

Presenter: Nima Tak

As an Editor-in-chief, journalist, reporter and presenter, at the IRIB French Service, Nima has an expertise in international politics, with a focus on Francophone countries. He has moderated various roundtables on major events. He has hosted numerous cultural programs as a radio host as well.
He moved to Toronto in 2011. Nima teaches French as a Second Language for professional environments and general public


  • Required level for participants: A2+ in oral communication.
  • The participants can verify their abilities satisfy the prerequisites by completing a placement test by telephone (20 min).
  • Group activities start at 4 participants (maximum: 10).
  • Group price of 4 to 10 people for a session of 10 x 1 hour : from $11,50 / hour / participant (Price for Downtown Toronto / North York).




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