From Franglish to English. You are francophone.
You can communicate in English BUT you are not as good as you wish. You are still struggling with idioms, grammar, or pronunciation.
This course based on your oral practice is for you!

Level: B1.4 - B1.7

• Vocabulary and spelling are in American English
• A placement test is planned with the teacher during the registration process

Conversation :
• pronunciation component – selected sounds that are difficult for a Francophone
• false friends and idioms, collocations, and register - vocabulary. conversation topic to practice the challenging grammar and vocabulary.

• One major Grammar point per class – e.g. tenses, verbs, articles, adjectives positions, etc. – mapped against the American English File textbook. Grammar exercises for practice will be offered from that textbook and the Online Practice.
• 1-2 minor grammar points per class–:prepositions, pronouns, conjunctions, etc.

Dates & Times